Lane Johnson , Offensive Tackle   Philadelphia Eagles  

  • Post Season Injury Management
  • Movement Screening
  • Corrective Exercise Prescription 
  • ​Injury analysis (based on previous injury or biomechanical risk factors)
  • Teaching and implementing proper warm-up and cool down
    •  Including soft tissue implements and vibration training
  • Athlete-specific speed, agility and mobility work
  • Individualized strength training variations
  • Modified programming for post-surgical athletes
  • NormaTec Full Body Recovery System
  • Marc Pro Plus Muscle Stimulation
  • THORNE Supplements (NSF Certified) 

Focus is on the Four Pillars of Athleticism:
Strength. Speed. Endurance. Flexibility.

Vance McDonald, Tight End   Pittsburgh Steelers

Lauren Chamberlain, INF   USSSA PRIDE 

Brett Eibner, Right Fielder   LA Dodgers 

Luke Willson , Tight End   Seattle Seahawks  


Lane Adams, Left Fielder   Atlanta Braves


Chris Boswell, Bad Ass   Pittsburgh Steelers

Andrew Sendejo, Safety   Minnesota Vikings

James Winchester  , LS    Kansas City Cheifs

Jordy Mercer ,  Shortstop   Pittsburgh Pirates